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  just as any painting, sculpture, or individual. The significance of the bonsai tree is rooted deeply in Zen philosophy, representing the fusion and harmony of human existence with nature.  The practice of shaping and pruning bonsai trees is used as a form of meditation and self-expression.  As with the art of Yoga, bonsai art allows one to tune inward, to focus and tap into the infinite potential within themselves.

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BonZai Yoga Mission Statement

At BonZai Yoga, it is our goal to integrate yoga into your personal routine. We understand that in order to accomplish this, we have to make classes as easily accessible as possible. That is why our fully trained and certified instructors come to teach right in your home, or place of business. Be it a private residence, apartment complex, or condominium, we come right to you! In the workplace, employers are recognizing more and more the benefits of yoga and its correlation to increased productivity, and are beginning to offer classes for their employees. The physical and mental benefits to a steady yoga practice are invaluable... So contact Bonzai Yoga today to see how seamlessly and easily we can incorporate yoga into your life.


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