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Denver currently offering Yoga, Massage Therapy, and Fitness Instruction


  • Bonnie Fisher, Founder
  • Bonnie St. John, Branch Manager - Yoga & Massage Therapy
  • Deborah Beebe
  • Marco DiFerriera
  • Eleanor Evans - Massage
  • Alyse Greenberg
  • Brittany Hallau
  • Molly Houck
  • Alina Hubchik
  • Julie Jensen - Fitness
  • Autumn Leslie
  • Steph Maes
  • Gabriela Pastore
  • Shannon Scott
  • Hannah Sprado - Fitness
  • Bryan Tharnish - Massage Therapy
  • Rachel Van Natta - Fitness
  • Alex Wilson - Yoga & Massage


  • Carmen Champion, Branch Manager
  • Armando Augistin
  • Micah Kurtenbach
  • Candice Murray
  • Elizabeth Supley - Zumba


  • Brian Eremita, Branch Manager
  • Margaux Gunning


Bonnie Fisher, Founder

I started BonZai Yoga LLC with the belief that yoga classes should be easily accessible whether at work or in the home. Bringing yoga classes right to your doorstep helps eliminates the excuses we all tend to hide behind when it comes to adding something new to our routines. After becoming a dedicated student, your yoga practice will naturally morph into your yoga discipline, where you will begin to incorporate the deeper teachings of yoga into your every day life. I am dedicated to helping people learn how to take control of their own health and happiness, and truly transform themselves from the inside out!

Bonnie Fisher


Bonnie St. John, Denver Branch Manager

Yoga Instructor and Massage Therapist

Bonnie started practicing yoga as an athlete in high school and continued on and off throughout college. It wasn't until she started massage school in 2009 that she began a regular practice with Bonnie Fisher. Finding benefits for body and mind alike, she was Inspired to become certified in a 200 hr. Yoga Teacher Training with Qi Yoga in 2011. She loves teaching Vinyasa style classes and enjoys helping students work with their breath as a tool to open their bodies and minds.



Aside from being the Denver branch Business Manager for Bonzai Yoga, Bonnie also runs her own massage therapy practice, be.massage therapy, where she specializes in relaxing deep tissue massage and myofascial release. But wait…there’s more! Bonnie also became an Access Bars™ Facilitator, adding an extraordinary healing tool to her practice in both yoga and massage therapy. Her understanding of the physical body and subtle mental energies truly makes Bonnie’s classes one of kind, and not to be missed!

Bonnie attended The Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado where she learned from some of the best therapists in the industry.  Bonnie specializes in relaxing deep tissue massage and myofascial release - two types of therapy that can truly undo the damage of the everyday stresses our bodies take on.

Bonnie St. John - Branch Manager

Deborah Beebe

Marco DiFerriera

Eleanor Evans

Alyse Greenberg

Brittany Hallau

Molly Houck

Alina Hubchik

Julie Jensen

Autumn Leslie

Steph Maes

Gabriela Pastore

Shannon Scott

Hannah Sprado

Bryan Tharnish

Rachel Van Natta

Alex Wilson


Brian Eremita, San Diego Branch Manager
In 2008, Brian studied Integral Yoga at Yogavillle, the late Swami Satchidananda's ashram.  Since then, he has devoted himself to study and explore the eight limbs of Raja Yoga.  Brian aims to inspire students to discover for themselves the balance between effort and ease through the practice of asana.

He is very grateful to have met and learned from so many amazing teachers and feels blessed to have the opportunity to share and lead others through a process of self-exploration and self-discovery.

Brian Eremita, Branch Manager San Diego

Margaux Gunning

Carmen Champion, BonZai Yoga Branch Manager, Houston


Carmen Champion, Houston Branch Manager
Carmen took her very first Kundalini yoga class in Austin, TX in 1995 and has been hooked ever since! Having practiced yoga on and off as a student for nearly 20 years, she finally and willingly traded in a career in marketing, real estate, and sales to pursue teaching yoga full-time. Having received her certification through the guidance of Lex Gillan and The Yoga Institute in Houston, Texas, Carmen has successfully applied the practice of yoga to many areas of her personal life and believes strongly in the healing powers through the daily practice of asanas. Although specifically trained in Vinyasa Krama, above all, Carmen's intentions are to meet the needs of her students first, in hopes of guiding and influencing them to become empowered through their own personal practice.

In addition to her love of yoga, she is a mother, an avid reader, an adventure seeker, an art lover and a passionate community volunteer....namaste!

Armando Augistin

Micah Kurtenbach

Candice Murray


Elizabeth Supley


BonZai Yoga

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