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workplace wellness

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Workplace wellness is an investment in your company’s most important asset – your employees!

Studies show that workers are more productive when they are feeling well, both physically and mentally.  Many employers, of all sizes and industries, are taking a proactive approach to employee wellness, recognizing how rising health care costs directly impact a company’s bottom line, now more than ever.  Healthier employees equate to fewer missed workdays due to illness, thus saving the company thousands of dollars on lost production, down time, and temp help. 

return on investment

The key factor to successful businesses is worker productivity.  Corporate wellness programs are known to boost the profitability of organizations through improved productivity and employee morale.  With studies showing a 3:1 ROI with the implementation of wellness programs, employers realize they can no longer afford NOT to invest in employee health and well-Bonnie Fisher, RYTbeing. Wellness programs also alleviate depression and help employees manage their time and stress levels, which contributes highly to productivity loss.

Studies from Health Promotion Practitioner Magazine cite the following statistics regarding ROI from offering Yoga as a wellness program:

  • 26.1% reduction in medical costs
  • 28.3% reduction in sick leave
  • 30% reduction in medical claims/workers’ comp claims

Employees participating in wellness programs take 70% fewer sick days than those opting out of wellness. (Source: WELCOA)

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Yoga Wellness    

With the numerous physical and mental benefits a yoga practice provides, it is no wonder companies are choosing to include yoga in their workplace wellness programs!  Yoga offers employers a low-cost wellness alternative while showing dramatic benefits by reducing lost days of work, increasing productivity and morale, and decreasing work-related injuries, stress, and mental burn-out. Japanese Garden, DBG - photo Diana Hromish

Key benefits of yoga practice include:

  • Improved concentration
  • Increased alertness and decision making skills
  • Calm reactions under demanding situations
  • Balance in a stressful, busy work environment
  • Better customer interaction
  • Enhanced attitude and outlook
  • Reduced sick time, absences, employee turnover

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    Who can participate?

    There is no experience necessary to participate. Yoga classes are taught for all levels, providing health and wellness benefits to beginners as well as advanced students.

    What do we need in order to host a yoga class in our office?

    Four walls and a floor! BonZai Yoga will provide all equipment necessary, e.g., yoga mats, blocks, and straps. Participants may want to change into more comfortable, loose-fitting clothes, however it is not unusual to see some enjoying their yoga session in slacks and a button up shirt and returning straight to work afterwards!

    Where can we hold a yoga class?

    You can host a yoga class in any open space your office has available, whether that is in a conference or training room with table(s) and chairs pushed aside, a cafeteria, a lobby, a vacant office, or, if the weather is nice, outdoors! This is not a Hot Yoga class, so no extreme amounts of heat are necessary. We respectfully keep in mind the requirements of an office environment.

    Bonnie's photo from trip to JapanWhen can our office hold Yoga classes?

    This differs from company to company, based on the level of interest and participation; however, many employers start with one or two classes per week, and then adjust as needed. Classes are offered in the mornings before regular work hours, during lunch time, or in the evenings just after work hours. Classes run from 45-75 minutes depending, as each company has to decide what is best for its culture.

    Why offer yoga in the workplace?

    Having yoga right in the workplace makes it easy and convenient for your employees to participate in a beneficial wellness program. It eliminates travel time, and prevents loss of participation by those with hectic schedules. It also provides a positive teambuilding activity which builds a sense of camaraderie and friendship throughout the office.

    How do we get signed up?

    Simply email with questions or requests. We will set up a time to meet and discuss your company's goals and vision for the classes in order to customize each experience for the individual business. Pricing may vary depending on the specific tailored needs of each company. Please email or call toll-free (855) 964-2329.

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