Bonsai Tree & BonZai Philosophy 

The significance of the bonsai tree is rooted deeply in Zen philosophy, representing the fusion and harmony of human existence with nature.  The practice of shaping and pruning bonsai trees is used as a form of meditation and self-expression.  Every bonsai tree is unique just as any painting, sculpture, or individual.  As with the art of Yoga, bonsai art allows one to tune inward, to focus and tap into the infinite potential within themselves.

At BonZai Yoga you can shape yourself into whatever you wish . . .


BonZai Yoga was started with the lofty ideal that yoga should be easily accessible and free to the participant. Ten years later, you will never come across a student who has paid for our services!

We accomplish this by pairing up with corporations to set up on-site fitness programs inline with their wellness benefits. These programs are then offered to employees or residents a “free perk!” Along with yoga classes, our services now include a wide range of fitness options so we can tailor any program to fit you best.


We lead busy and fast paced lives so it can be difficult to schedule in time for personal health and fitness.  Because BonZai offers fitness classes in your home or place of business we give you undeniable convenience so you have no excuse to not participate.


What is yoga?

Yoga is a practice of self development.  It is a method to attain physical and mental health, well-being and personal growth.  Yoga builds physical strength along with inner strength which provides mental and emotional discipline.

  • Physically, yoga improves and stimulates the body’s health.
  • Mentally, yoga aids alertness and promotes focus and clarity.
  • Emotionally, yoga produces feelings of stability and self-satisfaction.

Because yoga is a practice of self development, its versatility allows practitioners to focus on the aspects most prevalent to them.  Be it the physical benefits of yoga, the psychological, the spiritual, or a combination of them all.

What to expect

Yoga is simply a series of basic physical poses, easy to learn breath work, and guided meditation – all geared toward channeling stress out of the body and calming the mind.  In fact, an intermediate step of yoga is quieting the mind, something we all could benefit from!

The goal of yoga is personal inner liberation.

Is yoga for me?

“I can’t do yoga, I can’t tie my body into a knot!”

“I’ve never done yoga because I’m not flexible enough.”

“Yoga is not for me; I’m not into all that spiritual stuff.”

These are very common misconceptions and excuses people use to shy away from yoga. However, the only prerequisite to practicing yoga is an ability to move, and of course, to breathe.

Yoga is a personal practice.  Only you know where you are physically, mentally and emotionally; and only you know where you want to grow.  People choose to practice yoga for their own personal reasons that are unique to them.

Our Mission!

At BonZai Yoga, it is our goal to integrate physical fitness into your personal routine. We understand that in order to accomplish this we have to make classes as easily accessible as possible. That is why our fully trained and certified instructors come to teach right in your home or place of business. Be it a workplace, private residence, apartment complex, or condominium, we come right to you! In the workplace, employers are recognizing more and more the benefits of yoga and exercise in regards to their correlation of increased moral and productivity among employees. The physical and mental benefits to steady exercise are invaluable, so, contact BonZai Yoga today to see how seamlessly we can incorporate into your life.

– Bonnie Russo
Founder and Yoga Instructor

I can tell you the many benefits of practicing yoga, but then this testimonial would be more like a report. So I am going to tell you how yoga has benefited me:  I hyper extended and twisted my knee (ouch!) over a year ago and my doctor told me that I will always have pain in that knee; which I did.  Being on my feet too long would mean I would be popping pain pills just so I could get to sleep at night.  I started doing yoga a little over 3 months ago.  In my second practice, my instructor had me doing hip opening and knee stretching exercises. I had a little pain in my knee the next day as usual. I popped of couple of pills and thought nothing of it. The day after that, no pain and no pain since then. I was so impressed by what yoga stretching had done for my knee that I kept going back. Aside from my knee, my back pain has gone away as well.  It turns out what I thought was a bad back was simply bad posture. My breathing has also become much deeper and by breathing deeper you take in more oxygen to your brain and muscles. Which means you think clearer and your body recovers faster. I am much more flexible and balanced. My stress levels have gone down and I am much more focused. I am very happy that I started practicing yoga and would recommend it to anybody who wants to make a physical and a mental change in their life. Yes, I said mental, because yoga isn’t all about bending, stretching and twisting but meditating too. You truly have to have your mind in sync with your body.

I am very happy that I took that first yoga practice. It has helped me in more ways than one as you have read in my testimonial. I also owe my progress to my great yoga instructors. Bonnie and Kim. Namaste ladies!

Al Thibodeaus–Parts Advisor Schomp MINI

I’ve been an athlete all my life active in tennis, soccer, basketball, skiing, triathlons, and Crossfit, yet, had done very little yoga before I attended any BonZai Yoga classes. I worked out regularly 4-5 times a week and I was looking for something to benefit my aches and pains as well as my mind. But, I also wanted a class where, as a novice student, I would feel comfortable. Once I met Bonnie I knew I was in the right place for me. She was so patient and explained in detail how to do a pose correctly and most importantly: how it benefited my body. She continually focuses our classes on how we all feel that day as to truly help us in the here and now. Along with all of this, she has helped me work through injuries such as sciatic nerve pain, which I once feared would never go away. I’ve learned a lot about how breathing techniques can help my body and now I try to use those techniques in my everyday life. I always look forward to attending Bonnie’s yoga class as it’s like no others I’ve attended. You never know what Bonnie has in store for that evening and it’s always a welcomed surprise!

Grace Meraz