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Increased self-awareness is one of the many wonderful benefits of a steady yoga practice. While pregnant, women often become hyperaware of the changes occurring in their bodies and prenatal yoga exercises help them to positively embrace the gift of pregnancy. Focus areas of prenatal yoga include: circulation, hip opening, muscle toning, pain relief, and breath work for stress relief and mental calmness.



  • Prenatal yoga emphasizes increasing circulation, which supplies both mother and baby with more blood flow, as well as increasing oxygen, aiding in stress relief.
  • While pregnant, women produce more elastin in the body, which helps to soften ligaments in preparation for pelvis expansion. Because of this, deep hip opening poses are a large part of prenatal yoga.
  • Prenatal yoga poses strengthen and tone the physical body, thus helping to reduce aches and pains associated with pregnancy such as: swelling, low back pain, insomnia, and added weight.
  • Focusing on stress relief, varying breathing techniques are practiced during prenatal yoga in preparation for labor. While a growing belly can seem to cause restriction of breath, yoga teaches how to balance the breath between the belly, ribs, chest and back.

No previous yoga experience is necessary for prenatal yoga, but as with any exercise during this special time, women should always consult their physician before practicing.

The principles of our yoga practices teach us to adapt and flow with change. Many changes continue to happen in a woman’s body well after childbirth, as bone structures shift back into place and muscular strength returns. Postnatal yoga focuses on toning and strengthening muscles including the abdomen, hips and arms, while stretching tight areas of the lower back and shoulders brought on from cradling a new baby.

Postnatal yoga classes are beneficial not only for mothers but for their babies as well! If you choose to bring your little one to class, postnatal exercises will emphasize the physical and emotional connection between mother and child. Sensory development and massage will be incorporated, as well as learning how to engage your baby while focusing on your personal practice.

Postpartum Support:

While the yoga asanas are a wonderful tool for reshaping a woman’s body there are numerous effects outside of the physical plane as well. In fact, the entire experience of a yoga class is meant to affect us mentally as well as emotionally.



  • Soothing music creates a calm atmosphere to relax the psyche
  • Dedicated time and space for class creates a safe atmosphere promoting one to open freely
  • Personalized attention from an instructor allows new mothers to be taken care of for a change!
Sometimes it is best for a new mother to set aside time just for themselves in order to let go and recharge. We’re here for you new mommies.

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