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If you've been thinking about private yoga lessons for any reason, consider these benefits as well!

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Are you new to yoga and feel hesitant to perform unfamiliar poses in a group setting? Are you easily distracted in a room full of people and find it difficult to concentrate on your own yoga practice? Do you feel like you are in a fish bowl when you're in a glassed studio room? Are you tired of bumping elbows with the people next to you when popular sessions get crowded? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then private yoga lessons are for you! No self-consciousness, no distractions, no gawkers, no crowds ~ just you, your teacher, and your practice.


Hands-on adjustments and suggestions will ensure proper alignment in the poses, helping you to create a yoga practice that provides optimal benefits and safety honed to your abilities.

Breath Work

As you are taught specific postures and movements, you will move at your own pace, really learning and emphasizing the benefits of linking your breath to movement. Breathing is an intricate part of yoga, and something that can be difficult to grasp or concentrate on when in a group setting.

white lotus in JapanYoga Therapy

Are you currently seeking therapy for stress or anxiety management? Have you or are you currently undergoing physical therapy for a specific injury? Find out how a beneficial yoga practice can complement your current therapy.


You may start a private yoga practice with specific goals in mind such as building muscles weak from injury, toning your body, or learning how to relax. Even if you are new to yoga, you are sure to benefit right away. However, as your practice develops along with knowledge of the asanas and of your body, you will find yourself benefiting in ways you may never have imagined, such as lowering high blood pressure, improving digestion, increasing balance, quieting your mind, or improving stress management. Begin your private practice with your goals in mind, and watch as they climb higher and higher!


Yoga as an Amenity for Condos/Apartments

What better way for apartment homes and condominiums to show how much they value their residents than by offering them complimentary onsite yoga classes! 

It is becoming commonplace for housing projects to include a yoga room attached to their gymnasium facilities, and with the ever rising yoga population, it’s not hard to figure out why.  Apartment homes see the appeal and value in offering yoga classes as an amenity, and HOAs are always looking for ways to provide perks to their homeowners. 

Contact Bonzai Yoga today to find out how to bring yoga classes home!

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