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Jody Reuler: Last summer I had such severe hip pain that I was really afraid that I would need surgery.  I had been active all my life as a skier, runner, road biker, and triathlete.  I have also been a weight lifter for over 20 years.  After approximately 25 years of wear and tear, I thought the time had finally come and that my hips had worn out from over-use.  It is not unheard of for athletes to have to undergo hip replacement surgery before 50, and I thought this was my destiny. 

My sister, who lives in California and has been doing yoga for years, was listening to me complain about my constant state of pain and suggested that I give yoga a try before I just give in to the thought of surgery.  Yoga had never seemed very realistic to me, and I certainly didn't want to try "yogarobics" which seemed to be all the exercise rage.  I decided I would give it a try, but only with a private instructor who could give me a solid command of the poses.  I very much believe that in any exercise, fundamentals are key - and I wanted an instructor that believed in teaching the fundamentals.  Bonnie has been GREAT!

I now feel more than competent to participate in any group class and haven't had hip pain since I started.  The yoga Bonnie has taught me has loosened me up to a point that I feel great.  I couldn't give Bonnie a higher recommendation.  Her instruction always passed quickly.  She has a great personality and is a fantastic teacher.


James Mockovciak: I'm a middle-aged man with all of the aches and pains that presumably come along with the aging process. Like many people, I'm always looking for alternative methods to minimize and/or relieve these ailments. The most pressing pain (no pun intended), has been directly in the center of my back along one side of my spine. It's been there for many years, preventing me from keeping my back straight for any length of time. I've unsuccessfully sought the help of physicians. I thought the muscle pain and my bad posture were things I would just have to live with. But I was wrong. After two sessions with Bonnie I have no more pain. Nothing. I couldn't believe it! I've learned how to  'listen' to my body as I go about the process of relearning how to stand, walk and bend from my 'core'. As I practice what I've learned I find that my body has never felt so aligned and relaxed.  I highly recommend Bonnie's services to anyone considering trying Yoga for the first time.  She is patient, communicates well, and is very supportive.

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Al Thibodeaux

I can tell you the many benefits of practicing yoga, but then this testimonial would be more like a report. So I am going to tell you how yoga has benefited me:

I hyper extended and twisted my knee (ouch!) over a year ago and my doctor told me that I will always have pain in that knee; which I did.  Being on my feet too long would mean I would be popping pain pills just so I could get to sleep at night.  I started doing yoga a little over 3 months ago.  In my second practice, my instructor had me doing hip opening and knee stretching exercises. I had a little pain in my knee the next day as usual. I popped of couple of pills and thought nothing of it. The day after that, no pain and no pain since then. I was so impressed by what yoga stretching had done for my knee that I kept going back. Aside from my knee, my back pain has gone away as well.  It turns out what I thought was a bad back was simply bad posture. My breathing has also become much deeper and by breathing deeper you take in more oxygen to your brain and muscles. Which means you think clearer and your body recovers faster. I am much more flexible and balanced. My stress levels have gone down and I am much more focused. I am very happy that I started practicing yoga and would recommend it to anybody who wants to make a physical and a mental change in their life. Yes, I said mental, because yoga isn't all about bending, stretching and twisting but meditating too. You truly have to have your mind in sync with your body.

I am very happy that I took that first yoga practice. It has helped me in more ways than one as you have read in my testimonial. I also owe my progress to my great yoga instructors. Bonnie and Kim. Namaste ladies.

Al Thibodeaux

Brad Brunner: I truly cannot say enough about how BonZai Yoga has benefited and enhanced all aspects of my life. As a person who enjoys living an active lifestyle, specifically running and endurance heavy sports, I've always loved getting stronger and faster. After seemingly have reached my plateaus, pretty much on a whim, I decided to try yoga. Almost immediately I noticed significant improvements. With increased strength in my core, legs muscles, hip flexors, and even within my feet, my splits became faster and more importantly, I recovered quicker, remained injury-free, and my distances exploded. However, as my yoga practice has developed, it has been the mental and spiritual aspects which have flourished. Meditation and the tenacity to hold poses has most definitely translated over to my ability to overcome strenuous situations in my training, but above all, it is my psyche, my inner-self, which has never been more healthy and in-tune. For all of this I am so incredibly grateful, and yoga will forever be fully entrenched in my life.
Grace Meraz: I’ve been an athlete all my life active in tennis, soccer, basketball, skiing, triathlons, and Crossfit, yet, had done very little yoga before I attended any BonZai Yoga classes. I worked out regularly 4-5 times a week and I was looking for something to benefit my aches and pains as well as my mind. But, I also wanted a class where, as a novice student, I would feel comfortable. Once I met Bonnie I knew I was in the right place for me. She was so patient and explained in detail how to do a pose correctly and most importantly: how it benefited my body. She continually focuses our classes on how we all feel that day as to truly help us in the here and now. Along with all of this, she has helped me work through injuries such as sciatic nerve pain, which I once feared would never go away. I’ve learned a lot about how breathing techniques can help my body and now I try to use those techniques in my everyday life. I always look forward to attending Bonnie’s yoga class as it’s like no others I’ve attended. You never know what Bonnie has in store for that evening and it’s always a welcomed surprise!

Stacy Joeckel

Bonnie, Deb, and BonZai team,

I felt motivated to reach out given the profound impact yoga has suddenly had on my life. I attended a restorative class of Deb's about two weeks ago, and after having tears roll down my cheeks at the end, I was hooked. I've attended classes habitually since then, both of Deb's and Bonnie's, and every time, I feel that same tearful release which I've learned to warmly embrace. The classes have become a necessity for me and I'm so grateful to you all for coming in each week.

For years, I have had medical doctors, massage therapists, and friends/family recommend yoga as a way to negate the effects (and I suppose the affect I have on them :/) of my type A personality. I had tried yoga at work, the gym, and Qi but nothing quite fit. It took a close friend and colleague passing away recently to be my catalyst for yoga again, and I was so excited at the convenience of it being available steps from my apartment. This time around, I've been able to actually learn poses, breathing, etc. due to class size and mainly, because the instructors are so patient and helpful.

I've never felt better personally, professionally and physically, so I want to sincerely thank you, all of you, for making my world better and for finding a way to help me heal.

Warmest Regards,

Stacy Joeckel

Jessica Conlin, Aurora, CO

My favorite moment of yoga is in the beginning of class when Bonnie asks everyone in the class how we are feeling. She probably does not realize the affect this question has over me because, more often than not, my answer is "good". But it is in this moment that I am able to let go of my troubles from the previous days and remember that I have my health and my family and that, all in all, I am in a good place. I have a very stressful job. Before taking this class with Bonnie, I was struggling to keep it together. I teach high school students, many of them are beautiful souls who have undergone traumas and abuse. Our school is, for many, a second chance. I love what I do and I love and worry over the children I teach. I worry if they have food or proper shelter, if they are being cared for when they are not at school. I carry around baggage that is not mine to carry and, most of the time, I don't even realize when the load is too heavy until I get to Bonnie's class. It's the moment when she asks us how we are feeling that I remember to let go. It's when I remember that if I am going to have the strength to love all of these children, I also need to love myself. Even when some of the poses are challenging, yoga is the easiest part of my week. I always leave feeling lighter, feeling stronger. I carry this strength into my work and I am so very grateful for the release that yoga gives me.

BonZai Yoga

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